(+39) 342 3321773 cantieri@corteaperta.it
  • Tunnel lining &
    Drainage & Waterproofing.
    Waterproof & Coatings for tunnel.
  • Tunnel Fire
    Designing and verification of the fire resistance,
    passive fire protection systems for tunnels.
  • Noise walls and
    Acoustic barriers
    Products and systems for acoustic protection of Roads,
    Motorways, Railway Stations, Metro and Tunnels.
  • Metal
    Self-supporting structures, emergency staircases, industrial sheds,
    bolted beam structures for skeletons manufactured, ecc.

A unique partner for safety in road–railway and tunnel

Since 1992 Corte Aperta Srl is a leader in the road, rail and underground works market. With over 25 years of experience working in Europe and the World.


The safety of roads, highways, tunnels, stations, airports, buildings has always been our priority, as well as the desire to innovate and progress.


With over 25 years of experience and in collaboration with the most important European manufacturers, we are the excellence for road safety and tunnels.


Corte Aperta Srl, certified company ISO 9001 and CQOP-SOA to ensure excellence and professionalism in each of our systems.

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